The intent of our site and business was to support people throughout Georgia who are considering Plastic Surgery.  To this end we started off focusing in Atlanta since it’s the most densely populated but today we expanded our reach to cities throughout Georgia and their surrounding areas as well.

We now support Augusta, Athens, Columbus, Savannah and Macon.

We are also dividing Atlanta into four quadrants so that folks on one side of Atlanta can find a Plastic Surgeon near them instead of travelling across town through Atlanta traffic.  We realize that somebody who lives in McDonough mostly won’t want to travel to Roswell to see a Plastic Surgeon – far better to work with one near home.

So Atlanta is now divided as “Atlanta North”, “Atlanta West”, “Atlanta South” and “Atlanta East” using I20 and I85/75 as the general dividing lines.  For example, if you live above I20 and to the east of I85, our surgeon listed as “Atlanta East” would be most convenient.  And bear in mind, this is purely for your convenience – nobody is saying you shouldn’t or can’t drive from McDonough to Alpharetta if you’d rather or if you find the most suitable surgeon up there.  We are only trying to geographically separate to keeps things simple and local.