9 Benefits of Plastic Surgery

What are the benefits of plastic surgery? It’s an often asked and researched question – can plastic surgery really improve your health?  If so, how?  We’ve done a good bit of research and the results are below but first, we created an infographic that, we hope, does a good job of summarizing our findings.  Check it out, and then read up on the details below the infographic.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on this and, of course, feel free to share this article and this infographic as you see fit.

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Why have Plastic Surgery?

Most people entertain the idea of having Plastic Surgery in an effort to improve their physical appearance.  During the decision making process, the positive health benefits to be obtained usually take a back seat to just “looking better”.

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Better Health through Plastic Surgery?

To fully consider this, we should ensure a common understanding of “health”.  By this, we mean more than just physical health: we also refer to mental, emotional, intellectual, social and even occupational health. Your plastic surgeon will most likely agree with that.  When we take into account these various aspects of Health, then you can see that the various forms of Plastic Surgery can and do have a definite positive impact on the patient’s health. It’s been said that Plastic Surgery won’t add years to your life, but will add life to your years.  This is a pleasant thought, but given the below items, there is a good chance that Plastic Surgery can, in fact, add years to the life of some patients.

A few examples of how specific Plastic Surgery procedures can improve the patient’s health:

  • Self-Esteem is probably the most valuable of all of the health benefits to be derived from Plastic Surgery.  How the patient feels about him/herself and how they see themself adding value to the world greatly improves when they feel better about how they look.  They will tend to get out more, engage more, do better at work, do better at life!
  • Breast Reduction can have a dramatic impact on a woman’s posture and almost always results in relief from neck, shoulder and back pain.
    • Breast Reduction can also improve a woman’s tolerance for exercise, enabling her to take advantage of exercise regimens she was unable to participate in previously
  • Rhinoplasty can include repairs to the patient’s deviated septum, thereby enabling better oxygen flow, easier breathing and a better night’s sleep for the patient and the patient’s spouse as this procedure usually drastically reduces snoring.
  • An overall healthier lifestyle is often the result of Plastic Surgery.  When a patient has spent the money, bought the necessary items such as compression garments, gone through the recovery time, and sees the end result they often develop a mindset and action plan to retain those positive results.  An improved diet and a regular exercise program is often the case with the patient living a healthier, happier and more satisfying lifestyle.
  • Any kind of fat loss or fat reduction decreases the risk of diabetes, heart conditions and a host of other maladies.
    • Liposuction and Tummy Tucks (and to a lesser degree, Breast Reduction) removes fat cells from the body.  Less fat cells means there are less fatty acids being released into the body.  Since fatty acids impair the body’s ability to break down insulin, less of them is good and means a reduced risk of Diabetes.
    • This same fat removal can also improve the patient’s blood pressure and cholesterol, thereby reducing their risk of heart conditions.
    • It is important to note here the Liposuction, Tummy Tucks and Breast Reduction are not intended to remove large amounts of fat but rather to target stubborn areas.  However, any fat loss will help as described above.
  • Patients with cleft palate or cleft lips can experience immediate improvement in their overall quality of life after Plastic Surgery.  This heightened quality of life, bolstered by new found self-esteem, gives these patients the ability and the confidence to do things they would not do before.
  • Patients that have had plastic surgery often opt for an ongoing regimen of lotions and creams to help ensure results are long lasting.  There is a relatively new approach to this, sometimes call “Botox in a Bottle” type of products that have excellent track record of helping to maintain a youthful appearance with or even without plastic surgery.
  • Patients with drooping eyelids can have this problem rectified by having Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery.  This often results in improved vision and can even solve dry eye problems.

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Given the above, what are the 9 ways Plastic Surgery can improve your health?

Plastic Surgery can improve your Self-EsteemPlastic Surgery can improve your Self-Esteem

The usual intent of Plastic Surgery is to improve one’s physical appearance and, to that end, most patients end up feeling much better about how they look.  The natural outcome of this is an increase in Self-Esteem which often drives additional beneficial feelings and activities.  It could be (and often is!) argued that anybody that relies that heavily on their own looks for their self-esteem has problems that Plastic Surgery cannot fix, and in many instance this is true.  A good Plastic Surgeon will consider the mental and emotional condition of their patients as well as the physical and make decisions based on the whole picture.

Plastic Surgery can result in a healthier lifestylePlastic Surgery can result in a healthier lifestyle

As described above, most Plastic Surgery patients want to make the most of the time and effort that went into their procedure(s) so they do their best to maintain the results.  Better diet and a more active lifestyle to include exercise regimens are a common outcome of this desire.  If you take a second to think about the time and money many people invest in Plastic Surgery – the cost of the surgery, the time and cost of the recovery – then it’s fairly obvious that a person that is a good candidate for Plastic Surgery will also be a good candidate to take care of themselves afterwards.  Not doing so is, essentially, wasting the time and money invested in the procedure in the first place.

Plastic Surgery can relieve neck, back and shoulder painPlastic Surgery can relieve neck, back and shoulder pain

Women with overly large breasts and a body frame that has trouble supporting them almost always experience immediate relief of pain they had long ago given up on.  When talking with these women, it’s always interesting to note that they had accepted the pain and discomfort for so long, once it’s absent there is a feeling they have a hard time describing.  This is one of the areas where Plastic Surgery may even be covered by insurance due to the debilitating effects that can be resolved.  If you fall into this category, there is a host of information from those that have done this and have reaped the tremendous benefits.  Read their reviews, talk to them if you can, talk to your insurance provider and your surgeon to fully understand your options.

Plastic Surgery can reduce your chance of DiabetesPlastic Surgery can reduce your chance of Diabetes

Fatty acids impair your body’s ability to break down insulin so removing and reducing the number of fat cells that produce these fatty acids can improve your chances against Diabetes.  Patients with a family history of obesity and Diabetes should take a very serious view of weight loss, proper diet and regular exercise.  The fat removal during liposuction and breast reduction is admittedly small (usually) but every bit does help and can be a contributing factor is improving your chances against diabetes.  If you are overweight, you primary strategy should be normal weight loss through diet and exercise but if you are unable to do this, having the fat removed via surgery, and maybe even band surgery, is an option that may improve your quality of life as well as prevent or delay the onset of Diabetes.

Plastic Surgery can improve your breathing and oxygen flowPlastic Surgery can improve your breathing and oxygen flow

Patients that have a deviated septum can have this fixed during a Rhinoplasty.  Deviated Septums often cause difficulty in breathing and usually a direct result of this is excessive snoring.  Once corrected, the patient and the patient’s spouse will experience a better night’s sleep.  And don’t we all feel much better with a good night’s sleep behind us? It should be noted that a LOT of medical problems can be directly connected to not sleeping well, so enabling the patient to sleep better is, in itself, a catalyst to correcting other health problems that are caused or impacted by not sleeping well.

Plastic Surgery can improve your visionPlastic Surgery can improve your vision

A Blepheroplasty, or eyelid surgery, will correct droopy eyelids, thereby immediately improving the vision.  Additionally, dry-eye problems can also be corrected during a Blepheroplasty.  Combining the positive effects of fixing droopy eyelids and rectifying dry-eye problems results in a patient with improved vision.  Many patients report near immediate relief from long time debilitating effects of droopy eyelids and dry eyes.  Blepheroplasty is a great tool to combat this and often results in patients that are much happier with the physical appearance as well as their newly improved vision.

Plastic surgery can reduce your chance of heart conditionsPlastic surgery can reduce your chance of heart conditions

Removing fat from your body will result in improved blood pressure and less cholesterol – both important factors in heart conditions.  As discussed above regarding Diabetes, the amount of fat removed during liposuction and/or a breast reduction is relatively small but every bit does help.  If the patient is obese then other means of weight loss should definitely be considered first and then possibly band surgery, liposuction and other surgical methods can be considered later.  Regardless of the methods chosen, the concept of removing the fat cells from the body will have a positive impact on your blood pressure and cholesterol readings – both a huge benefit for anybody and everybody.

Plastic Surgery can improve your Self-ConfidencePlastic Surgery can improve your Self-Confidence

Adding self-confidence to the end of this list is no accident.  After all of the above areas are improved, a person’s self-confidence must also improve.  Self-confidence is the ability to believe in one’s self in multiple areas.  A self-confident auto mechanic, for example, may not be a self-confident public speaker.  Those who have experienced the benefits describe above will find themselves more self-confident in a number of areas.  Whereas a person who may have had bad scarring from an accident and was uneasy about meeting new people may experience new self-confidence in gatherings and have success meeting new people.  A women who could not participate in rigorous exercise programs because her breasts were too large may, after a breast reduction, get more involved in the local gym, meet new people and expand her circle of friends as well as her spheres of influence due to increased self-confidence.  And finally, the previously overweight patient now has the self-confidence to go out into the world and pursue his or her goals to completion whereas previously, they were ashamed or embarrassed to even leave the house.

Plastic surgery can extend your life expectancyPlastic surgery can extend your life expectancy

As mentioned before, this is an oft-spoken cliche but in reality, when you consider reduced chance of diabetes, reduced chance of heart conditions, a healthier lifestyle, better diet, regular exercise and increased self-esteem and self-confidence, who can say Plastic Surgery won’t help you live longer?  Of course, the “average” Plastic Surgery patient who only has a little Liposuction or maybe a Tummy Tuck may not benefit in this way but that’s not to say that some…maybe even many…can’t.


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