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There are a number of reasons women may want to have work done on their breasts.  Women who have gone through breast cancer may opt for subsequent breast reconstruction.  Some women feel their breasts are too small and would like them enlarged while others feel theirs are too large and would like them to be smaller.  Many women, after having babies and breast feeding, feel their breasts sag too much and want them firmed up a bit.  And these days, it is not unusual for men to opt for Gynecomastia, or male breast reduction surgery.  All of these cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more common place these days and there are an abundance of well qualified plastic surgeons in Georgia and your area that are more than happy to work with you.  We think we have a listing of the best breast augmentation surgeons in Georgia right here on this site.  The information below is an overview of the different procedures but, as always, you are highly encouraged to consult your surgeon for the latest information on the procedures, recovery times, cost, etc.

Breast Augmentation vs. Breast LiftMany people feel that just because a procedure is cosmetic, it is not as serious as a restorative procedure. However, restorative procedures go hand in hand with cosmetic procedures and require a knowledgeable and skilled plastic surgeon who can deliver sound precision through their medical techniques in order to deliver a natural looking outcome. Through a consultation and thorough examination of a patient, the surgeon is able to get to know the unique differences of their patients, and provide them with the best course of action. The surgeon and the team take into consideration your posture and the size of the underlying ribcage and chest, existing breast tissue in addition to how tight and elastic the skin is to determine the best treatment approach.

Your surgeon should also consider your goals and expectations of your breast contouring procedure. There are women who prefer a smaller breast cup, some that like a modest cup, and some who prefer to go larger. It is the role of a good plastic surgeon to help their patients achieve their goals and help guide the patient toward the best decision.

The main reasons why women may opt to have a breast contouring procedure are:

– Women may have saggy or droopy breasts after delivering newborns or due to the natural aging process

Exercises and dieting lead to weight loss which may cause the breasts to lose their firmness and volume

– Previous occurrence of mastectomy or breast removal

– Small breasts as a result of genetics

Any of the above reasons can contribute to the breasts being limited in terms of volume, size and shape.  A breast augmentation procedure can lead to a woman regaining self esteem and confidence by enhancing her body shape to a level she feels good about.

Breast Augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty)

Breast Augmentation is chosen by women who would like to have larger, more full breasts.  You’ll see the terms breast implant, boob job and even gummy bear implants thrown around a bit when you do your research.

Choosing to get a breast enlargement procedure enhances the contour of a woman’s figure as her breast become larger, fuller, and firmer.  Depending on the women, these changes in her body often result in positive changes in her self confidence.

 Several Options For Breast Enlargementbreast augmentation atlanta georgia

Breast enhancement can be achieved through insertion of special implants during surgery. Only a qualified and expert plastic surgeon who is well experienced in performing these procedures can offer the desired results with precision, safety and aesthetic perfection.

Silicone gel implants are a very popular option as they have a feel and texture that is very similar to natural breasts. The implant is inserted through an incision under the breast tissue, around the lower edge of the areola, or in the armpit.

Fat grafting is another more advanced option for augmentation. Fat from other parts of the body can be transferred to the breasts through a process called liposuction. Natural looking results are assured as the patient’s own fat is used. This treatment also ensures a better body contour in the donor site by the removal of unwanted fat.

Benefits Of Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation often gives the woman back a level of self esteem and confidence she may have been missing due to her own perceptions about her body.  A healthy and firm bustline is, in many people’s opinion, an important part of the much sought after “perfect body”.  This can be a contentious discussion depending on who participates but in the end, it boils down to the preference of the patient – if it makes her feel good about herself, it’s a great thing.

If you are considering an augmentation surgery, the first step should be to consult an experienced plastic surgeon. Make sure that the plastic surgery center where the procedure is performed is duly accredited.  As with other cosmetic procedures, a breast augmentation is highly personal so you should feel very comfortable with your surgeon, the staff and the location where the surgery is to be performed.

Breast Lift (mastopexy)

Different from Breast Augmentation, a Breast Lift is more of a rejuvenation of the existing breasts with no intention of making them any larger or smaller.  The woman is usually satisfied with the size but, for a variety of reasons, has become dis-satisfied with their firmness or shape.  A breast lift is intended to return a woman’s breasts to their previous youthful appearance.  This is accomplished by removing excessive skin and tightening the surrounding tissue.

Breast lift procedures have become more mainstream lately than breast implants – growing at about a 70% increase since 2000 and outpacing breast implants by about a 2-1 ratio.

Breast Reduction (reduction mammaplasty)

Breast reduction is exactly what it sounds like.  The woman feels her breasts are too big or too heavy and wants them to be reduced in size.  Extremely large breasts have been known to cause back-ache and other discomforts and a breast reduction is the best remedy for this.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction is a procedure to rebuild or reconstruct the breast after damage caused by age, mastectomy or previous reconstruction efforts.  The intent here is to restore either a single breast or both to a previous normal shape, appearance and size.

Visible incision lines will always be present on the breast itself as well as the donor site (usually back, abdomen or buttocks).

It is  important to note that a reconstructed breast will almost never have the same look and feel of the breast that was replaced.  It is often necessary, or recommended, that another breast contouring procedure (augmentation, reduction or lift) be performed on the other breast to improve the symmetry of the bustline.

Breast Contouring Costs

The costs for your breast contouring procedure will vary from geography to geography and based on the surgeon and your physical conditioning.  Take a look at our Cost Estimator for a good idea of what you’ll be paying but, of course, consult with your surgeon for a firm price.  Also, the breakdown for the costs associated with any Plastic Surgery procedure look like:

  • Surgeon Fee:  This is the amount the surgeon will charg for performing the surgery and will vary widely depending your location and the surgeon.  Typically, a more experienced and well-known surgeon will command a higher price.   With the recent advent of television shows popularizing Plastic Surgery, some surgeon’s fees have increased dramatically.
  • Anesthesia Fee: Depending on the procedure performed and by who, this anesthesia fee can vary quite a bit.  A board certified MD Anesthesiologist will charge much more than a non-certified nurse.  Bear in mind that anesthesia is a critical part of the process and paying extra to ensure a fully qualified and experienced anesthesiologist is handling your procedure is money very well spent.
  • Facility Fee: Depending on if the procedure is performed in the surgeons’s office or a hospital, for example, will determine the Facility Costs associated with the procedure.
  • Accessories: Items that will add to the comfort for the patient but aren’t required for the procedure itself fall into this category and add up.  Items like a pain pump or Exparol Injections for 72 hours of surgical site numbing may show up on your estimate and you should understand what they are and be ready to speak with your surgeon about them.
  • Revision: Revision, or follow-up surgery, is usually discounted if you go back to the same surgeon and is not uncommon for both surgeons and patients.  Usually, patients who get one procedure often go back for revisions as well as additional procedures.
  • Add-on Surgeries: Having multiple procedures at the same time usually lowers the cost as compared to having them separately – hence the popularity of the Mommy Makeover where multiple cosmetic surgeries are performed simultaneously.
  • Insurance: If a procedure that is covered by your insurance is performed at the same time as the plastic surgery procedure, the costs can be lowered.  For example, repairing a hernia at the same time as a Tummy Tuck can result is paying less out of pocket as the insurance may cover much of the facility, anesthesiologist and over fees.

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