Could you use 20... 30... 40... well qualified leads every month?

These are people looking specifically for Plastic Surgeons in and around Atlanta

You’re the only one who knows how much a well qualified lead is worth to your bottom line but it is common knowledge that a single new Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgery patient is worth many thousands of dollars over their lifetime when you account for surgery, revision surgery, additional surgeries, referrals, etc.

With this in mind, we’d like to offer you a handful of qualified leads…people searching for terms such as “who is the best plastic surgeon in Atlanta” or “how much does liposuction cost“…on a monthly basis.

The technical description is below – the quick summary is that the website you are reading this on gets over 1,000 visitors every month from searches like the above – we’d like to send  some of the people who are searching for these terms to you.  Feel free to browse this site to get a feel for the content and the professional standard we set.  Our intent is to ensure you are extremely well represented when your information is on our site.

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Why you should consider listing your practice on this site


Day One exposure on our website that is already on Page 1 of Google results for a large number of Plastic Surgery related search phrases for the Atlanta area

No reputable expert can promise to get your webpage to the “top 3” spots in the Google results or even to the first page of the Google results. It’s a terrible business practice because it’s simply not something anybody, regardless of how good they are, can say with certainty will happen.

Yet many do it anyway.

We take a different route. This website is already on the first (and subsequent) pages of the Google results for hundreds of Plastic Surgery related search terms that are geographically specific to your area.  So we’re not promising to get your website ranked high on Google, we’re offering to represent your practice on our website.  You can literally be on Page 1 of the Google Results tomorrow and this is something we can say with zero risk because we’re already there. We will update our page with your information. It’s as simple as that.  Text, pictures, testimonials, video, contact information, etc.  Whatever you want on the page, we’ll make it happen.

When somebody lands on our page as a result of searching for “the best plastic surgeon in Atlanta, Ga”, they’ll be looking at your information and will have all of the contact information to reach you. We can add phone numbers, email addresses, links to your actual site, etc.  However you want our page to best represent your practice.

This site has city specific pages (Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon and Savannah) and each city page will only have one Plastic Surgery practice featured on it.

Each city specific page will be entirely dedicated to the single Plastic Surgery practice that is working with us.  Links throughout the rest of the website (blog, resources page, etc) will take readers to your page as well.


Today, there is no debate that a website that is well designed to attract and convert visitors is, by far, the best ROI available.

As a business person, you understand the need to expose your business to people that are looking for your service.  Aside from positive word of mouth, your website is the best way to do that these days.

Only you know how much a new patient is worth to your practice but we’ve done a good bit of research in this area and have a general idea.  With this in mind, we feel it’s well worth it to you and to us to charge $1,000/month to have your practice listed on our site.  By the end of the year, that’s $12,000 and is far less than a single new patient is probably worth to your practice over their lifetime (considering initial surgery, revision surgery, follow-on surgeries, referrals, etc).

The leads that reach out to you will be well qualified and further along the purchasing decision than many leads you’d get elsewhere.  These will be leads that are searching for terms with high buyer intent such as “who is the best plastic surgeon in Atlanta, Ga” or “how much does a tummy tuck cost in Atlanta, Ga”.

There is a much stronger buyer intent with the longer and more specific search terms.  There is far less volume as well so we are not expecting tens of thousands, or even thousands of people landing on the page.  You know there are not tens of thousands of people looking for “Rhinoplasty in Atlanta”, but if we gave you 20 qualified leads each month, I’m betting those 20 could and would turn into a much higher percentage of patients than if you filtered through 10,000 random and non-specific internet searchers.  By the end of the year, that would be 240 qualified leads – only you know what kind of conversion rate to expect for your practice but out of 240 qualified leads, there’s certainly a couple of new patients for your practice.

Importantly, if at any time you are not seeing the value you can simply stop paying.  No contract.  We like this approach as it forces us to ensure you are getting enough qualified leads to make it worth your while.  A percentage of the price you pay goes right back into making our website even stronger to attract even more leads for you.


A website that is laser targeted to attract people in and around Atlanta that are looking for Plastic Surgery

We created this site with the express purpose of attracting people who are considering Plastic Surgery and connecting them with a Plastic Surgeon near them.  The site contains a lot of unique core material but it is also broken into 6 geographical areas mentioned above. We targeted all of the cities in Georgia with a population of over 100,000 knowing that the city itself along with the surrounding areas would give us enough searches to make it worth your while.  Every word on this site is written by us and is completely unique.  This is important as Google penalizes sites with data duplicated or copied from other sites. As a side note, many sites that are created by cookie-cutter website creators have large amounts of duplicate data and is often a strong reason they don’t rank well in the Google search results.

Being successful at this means we give you qualified leads – people who aren’t just searching for “Plastic Surgery”, but rather for search phrases such as “The Best Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta, Ga” or “How much is a Rhinoplasty in Atlanta, Ga”.

The difference is critical.

Somebody searching for “Plastic Surgery” may be a college student doing a paper, a journalist looking for information, or a 4th grade kid looking for pictures.  But somebody searching for “Recovery Time after a Mommy Makeover” is probably somebody considering a Mommy Makeover and is somebody you want calling your office. For the most part, the longer the search term the higher the buyer intent and therefore, of course, the higher the likelihood of them becoming a patient of yours.

When somebody searches for “Rhinoplasty in Atlanta, Ga”, this site is right there on page 1 (#4 position as of the time of this writing).  This is a single example – we are currently ranking for 334 search terms such as this – specific to Plastic Surgery and specific to geographic locations throughout Georgia – and that number is growing daily.

You’re running a business, not managing a website. So you don’t really have time to learn how to create/manage/update your website nor do you probably have the inclination to learn how Google decides what website will bubble up to the top spots when somebody searches for “How do I find the best plastic surgeon”.

Nor should you.

That’s where we come in.  We understand Google and, most importantly, we stay in tune with the near constant changes they make which determine what websites show highest for your prospective patients.

Let us shoulder the burden of understanding Google so you can focus on your business.

We encourage you to spend some time on this site – take a look around to see if it’s a good fit with your practice. We’re 100% open to changes in format or tone as we want to ensure we represent your business in the best possible manner.

We look forward to hearing from you.

You probably received an email from us – feel free to respond to that email for further discussion or to ask questions or get clarification.  There is also a contact form below you can you use.