Mommy makeover cost: What should I expect to pay?

Getting an accurate “average” mommy makeover cost is tough since the procedure will consist of different surgeries based on the patient’s wishes.

However, you clicked here to get an understanding of mommy makeover prices, so for a broad ballpark estimate, and remember this will depend on the actual procedures you have performed, you can expect to pay:

Expected range for the cost of a mommy makeover: $14,000 – $35,000

Here’s a couple of specific prices we could find:

Mommy makeover cost in California:  $18,000 – $24,000

  • San Diego: La Jolla Cosmetic 
    • Mommy Makeover  (tummy tuck and breast surgery specified): $18,000 – $24,000
    • What can affect this price
      • Your anatomy
      • Specific procedures you choose
      • Operating time required and the surgical technique used.
      • Type of anesthesia
      • Cost of breast implants having breast augmentation
    • Fees include
      • Surgeon fee
      • Visits with surgeon/staff before/after surgery
      • Operating room time + supplies
      • Anesthesia
      • Compression garments as needed

Mommy makeover cost in Atlanta, Georgia: Less than $14,000

  • Atlanta: Vincent N. Zubowicz MD 
    • Tummy tuck: $8,000
    • Breast augmentation: $6,040 (depending on implants)
    • Total cost separate: $14,040
    • Cost combined: Did not give the price but explained, as we did, that the cost will be less due to savings on surgeon fees, anesthesia, etc.
    • Of course, adding liposuction , LipoMelt, or other procedure will drive that price up.

Mommy makeover cost in Miami, Florida: $5,300**

  • Miami: Spectrum Aesthetics   
    • Mommy makeover price: $5,300
      • Includes tummy tuck, lipo, and breast lift

    **I have no idea how they do this so cheaply.  I’d ask a lot of questions.  It does not say if it includes anesthesia, operating room costs, etc.  If these costs are not included, you can figure the overall cost will be about double.

Why so much variance in mommy makeover prices?

As mentioned, one patient may opt for a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation, while another may opt for liposuction, a tummy tuck, and a breast reduction.  Each of these procedures has a different cost, so the final cost will also vary quite a bit.

Also, you must take into account where you have the procedure performed.

Las Vegas plastic surgery prices will be different than plastic surgery prices in Denver, for example.

The same procedure performed by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon will cost differently from a plastic surgeon in Valdosta, Georgia.  Many factors come into play, so, as mentioned above, it’s best to talk to your surgeon.

What is a mommy makeover - How much does a mommy makeover cost_

Mommy makeover vs. tummy tuck, liposuction, breast surgery, etc

The above is all about the money but bear in mind that another major reason for going down the mommy makeover path is the recovery process.

  • The standard recovery process for a tummy tuck is about 4-6 weeks.
  • The standard recovery timeframe for a breast lift is 3-4 weeks.

Doing both simultaneously, the recovery process normally is only the longest of the two, so 4-6 weeks, in this case, saving an additional 3-4 weeks of recovery time.

What goes into the cost of a mommy makeover?

As mentioned above, the surgeon fee is only one part of the cost.  Whereas the surgeon may charge $5,500 for a given procedure, you may end up paying twice that amount?


You also must pay for the operating room, supplies, anesthesia, and a few other things.  Here’s a list to get you thinking.  There may be others, so you’ll want to take a good look at your estimate (or bill):

  • Surgeon fee:  This is how much the surgeon takes home.
  • Anesthesia fee:  The cost for the anesthesiologist and the anesthesia.
  • Facility fee: Where is the procedure taking place? If in your surgeon’s office, it may be less expensive than if in a hospital operating room
  • Accessories: Bandages, compression garments, pain pump, medications, etc

Will insurance pay for my mommy makeover?

Probably not, but it never hurts to ask.  Insurance may pay for plastic surgery procedures when they are not elective or voluntary.  If the procedure improves your breathing (rhinoplasty) or eyesight (blepharoplasty), then you have a decent chance of seeing them pay for at least some of the cost.

If your weight is a health problem rather than just a few inches to want to shed, then perhaps they would.  Again, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

When insurance companies don’t pay, you are left to finance the procedure or pay outright.  We have an article that discusses plastic surgery financing options that will help.


As mentioned earlier, coming up with a definitive price for a mommy makeover will cost is almost impossible due to the variances in procedures performed and individual pricing for the surgeons.  Only your surgeon can give you a close estimate.  Remember that there are savings to be had in terms of price and recovery time by having more than one procedure at a time.