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As you may be aware, rhinoplasty (or nose job) is the name given to the medical procedure for improving the appearance of noses and for correcting breathing problems. This form of cosmetic surgery became popular after it was made popular by a number of Hollywood stars who went under the knife. Some of the stars were not so fortunate and this procedure resulted in completely unnatural looks but things have changed and rhinoplasty is considered risk free these days.  Your local rhinoplasty specialists in and around Georgia are well equipped and educated to perform at the highest level and with the best results.

There are a number of different procedures devised by doctors based on the needs of the patients. Here is a brief overview of some of the most common procedures used by surgeons.  One consideration not mentioned below is that rhinoplasty is often performed in conjunction with sinus surgery and may be an option in your case if appropriate.  In addition to these procedures, a revision rhinoplasty can take place after the initial procedure and is performed to touch up the work done.

Rhinoplasty – Closed Procedurenose

This procedure is usually performed with local anesthesia and sometimes also under general anesthesia. As the name suggests, the incisions are made by the surgeon inside the nostril to ensure that these incisions remain hidden after the healing. The soft tissue is separated from the underlying structure for correcting breathing problems.

Once the tissue has been separated, cartilage as well as bones is reshaped by the surgeon. For reducing the size of nose, doctors carefully fracture the nasal bones at the end of the surgery. In case the nose has to be built up, grafts are created by surgeon using cartilage from bones, nose, ribs as well as the ears.

Sometimes, doctors also use materials from other sources such as cartilage grafts from tissue banks or stylistic implants. After the surgery, a splint is placed on the bridge of the nose for maintaining as well as protecting the new position of underlying structure and nose tissue. Sometimes, doctors also place nasal packing inside the nostrils for additional support and for prevention of bleeding.

One of the biggest benefits of this procedure is that there are no visible scars. However, the problem with this procedure is that surgeon does not have complete freedom for reshaping possibilities, as complete visual of the internal structure is not available.

As the name suggests, the incisions are made on the outside of the nose on the skin resting between the nostrils. This procedure gives complete freedom to the surgeon as he or she is able to reshape bone and cartilage in the nose with extreme precision.

Though there is a scar left after the procedure, it is almost unnoticeable and it is on the underside of the nose. People who have darker complexion and thicker skin are considered more prone to scars in this procedure.

Natural Procedure

When nose surgery first started getting popular, most of the procedures done by doctors were focused on removing natural structure and tissue of the nose. This resulted in unnaturally shaped noses and the healed noses appeared to be small when compared to other facial features.

These days, surgeons do not remove the natural structure but focus on reshaping and rearranging the underlying bone structure. Also, they try to preserve as much nasal tissue as possible. Grafts are also used by surgeons for breathing problems.

Nonsurgical Procedure

Nonsurgical procedures are also available today and these are mainly preferred by patients who do not want to undergo invasive surgery and want instant results. In this procedure, nose heals up very quickly and patients suffer very low pain. The cost of this procedure is also very low as compared to the other procedures.

In these cases, substances such as Botox are injected to take care of the bumps and humps on the nose. This results in even nose surface and these are considered ideal for patients who have not been able to get satisfactory results from nose surgery.

Over the years, these procedures have been performed by surgeons thousands of times which mean that there are minimum risks of this procedure. However, one still needs to take some precautions after the procedure to ensure that there are no complications after the surgery.

It is also important to choose the right surgeon for rhinoplasty as this is not just about the technical skills of the doctor but the doctor should also have an aesthetic sense to give a completely natural look to the nose. It is recommended to check the reviews of the doctor given by real patients. You should also check testimonials given by real users with before and after pictures before deciding to go with a surgeon.

Rhinoplasty Cost

Prices for rhinoplasty will vary based on geography, type of rhinoplasty chosen and, of course, your surgeon.  To see an average cost of rhinoplasty in  Georgia and other areas, take a look at our Cost Estimator. The overall cost of a rhinoplasty, or any other plastic surgery procedure, can be broken down as shown below:

  • Surgeon Fee:  This is the amount charged by the surgeon for doing the surgery and will vary widely depending your location and the surgeon.  Typically, a more experienced and well-known surgeon will command a higher price.   With the recent advent of television shows popularizing Plastic Surgery, some surgeon’s fees have increased dramatically.
  • Anesthesia Fee: Depending on the service performed and by who, this anesthesia fee can vary a lot.  A board certified MD Anesthesiologist will charge more than a non-certified nurse.  Bear in mind that anesthesia is a critical part of the process and paying extra to ensure a fully qualified and experienced anesthesiologist is handling your procedure is money very well spent.
  • Facility Fee: Depending on if the surgery is performed in the doctor’s office or a hospital, for example, will determine the Facility Costs associated with the surgery.
  • Accessories: Items that will add to the comfort for the patient but aren’t really necessary for the procedure itself fall into this category and tend to add up.  Items like a pain pump or Exparol Injections for 72 hours of surgical site numbing may show up on your estimate and you should understand what they are and be ready to speak with your surgeon about them.
  • Revision: Revision, or follow on surgery, is normally discounted if you go back to the same surgeon and is a very common practice for surgeons and patients.  Usually, patients who get one procedure often go back for revisions as well as additional procedures.
  • Add-on Surgeries: Having multiple procedures simultaneously normally lowers the cost as compared to having them performed separately – hence the popularity of the Mommy Makeover where multiple cosmetic surgeries are performed simultaneously.
  • Insurance: If a procedure that is covered by insurance is performed at the same time as the cosmetic procedure, the costs can be lowered.  For example, repairing a hernia at the same time as a Tummy Tuck can result is paying less out of pocket as the insurance may cover much of the facility, anesthesiologist and over fees.

Rhinoplasty Videos

Ultra Fast Open Rhinoplasty (5 minutes – actual surgery – very graphic)

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Rhinoplasty – 1 year later (14 minutes)

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