Vitamins to take before Plastic Surgery

Congratulations – you’ve decided to move forward with a plastic surgery procedure.

Ensuring your body is ready for plastic surgery is a large part of the battle to ensure you have a complete and speedy recovery.

Not smoking, not drinking, etc are all sound advice and we cover that in our How to prepare for plastic surgery article.

This article specifically discusses vitamins to take before plastic surgery that will help get your body in a good place for a quick recovery.

As with any advice you read here or anywhere else, consult your surgeon to ensure he or she agrees with what you find here.  Also, along with the same concept, but sure you share the details of anything you are taking, including vitamin supplements, with your surgeon.  Importantly, this extends to herbal supplements as well – your surgeon should know of them also.

There are a few vitamins or supplements to take prior to plastic surgery. It’s pretty easy to remember your “ABC’s”, Arnica, Bromelain, and Vitamin C.


  • Arnica, also called Arnica Montana, is an herbal remedy wide used to help with bruising, soreness, and swelling.  Keep in mind that this falls squarely into the ‘Homeopathic’ realm so your surgeon may or may not be in favor of it…be sure to have this discussion
  • The mindset is that Arnica helps reduce bruising and swelling by increasing the blood flow around bruised areas, thereby helping to disperse fluids so they can be absorbed back into the body.  This helps reduce the blue and black coloration around bruises.
  • You can find the top-rated Arnica in pill form here and in lotion/cream form here.


  • Bromelain is widely recommended to help with inflammation and has other beneficial effects as well.  Most plastic surgeons will be familiar with Bromelain so it may come up as you speak with them anyway, but if not, you should bring it up as a discussion point.
  •  Bromelain is often paired with Quercetin, which on the surface is not much more than a pigment that gives plants and fruits their color.  However, it also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help tremendously.
  • You can find the top-rated Bromelain by NOW here.

Vitamin C

    • Approved almost universally as it plays a key role in the creation of collagen which is instrumental in ensuring your tissues can heal together correctly.  We also have a separate article that details how your body will react to the procedure and steps you can take to prevent or reduce the scars associated with it.
    • Vitamin C is also a Free Radical Scavenger, which is almost as cool as it sounds.  Free Radical Scavengers protect your cells from damage that is caused by Free Radicals.  Unstable molecules in your body that are made during normal cell metabolism results in Free Radicals. Damage from Free Radicals increases the risk of cancer and other diseases.  Getting rid of these Free Radicals is a good thing – Vitamin C helps with that.
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Medical grade probiotics

  • You’ll be taking some pain reliever after your procedure – pain relievers can cause constipation so proactive doses of a good medical grade probiotic will ease this unfortunate side effect.
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    • Organic Chamomile is also a good bet.  You can buy Chamomile tea or drops to put in your tea.  Find it here.

We cannot stress enough the need for you to talk with your surgeon not only about taking the above vitamins and supplements but also in discussing anything else, prescription, herbal, homeopathic, etc that you may be taking as well.  It is critical that your surgeon is aware so be very up-front in your discussions.